Consul General’s Commendation to Ms. Ritsuko Asano (March 30, 2024)

CG Maeda giving speech
CG Maeda giving commendation
On March 30th 2024, on the occasion of the 17th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival at Birmingham Botanical Gardens in Alabama, Consul General Maeda awarded "Consul General’s Commendation" to Ms. Ritsuko Asano.

Ms. Asano has been active as a Urasenke tea master for many years, providing the Birmingham community with opportunities to experience the tea ceremony and Japanese culture. Through her activities, Ms. Asano has made significant contributions to the promotion of Japan-U.S. friendship and has played a major role in strengthening ties between Japan and Alabama.

*Consul General’s Commendation is an award which recognizes an individual who has provided significant contributions to mutual understanding and promoting friendship between Japan and the United States.
CG Maeda commendation