Consul General’s Commendation to Ms. Jessica Cork and Mr. Yoshi Domoto (August 24)

On August 24th 2023, on the occasion of Japan America Society of Georgia (JASG)’s Annual Membership Meeting, Consul General Maeda awarded "Consul General’s Commendation" to Ms. Jessica Cork and Mr. Yoshi Domoto. Both of them have dedicated themselves to promoting mutual understanding between Japan and Georgia for decades. Additional to their long term dedication, Ms. Cork has served as Vice Chair, then Chair for JASG for two years, and Mr. Domoto has been serving as Executive Director for 15 years. Their leadership has made the Japanese Community work together in a strong way, and lead to the accomplishment to Peace Bell Tower Project.
*Consul General’s Commendation is an award which recognizes an individual who has provided significant contributions to mutual understanding and promoting friendship between Japan and the United States.

*Peace Bell Tower Project: