Visa (Short-term Visit: Tourism/Business/Conference/Study)

  • This page is for person(s) visiting Japan for the purpose of visiting relatives/friends, sightseeing, a business trip (not involving paid activities), attending a conference or meeting, or studying within 90 days.
  • U.S. citizens or foreign nationals of Visa Exemption countries are not required to obtain a visa for short-term tourism/business/conference/study (See "the list of visa exemption countries and regions").
  • The Visa Waiver Program applies based on your nationality, NOT on your U.S. residence status (including green card).
  After March 27, 2023,
you are able to apply for a short-term tourism visa online (eVISA)
  • The eVISA (online application) is available ONLY for a short-term tourism visa (less than 90 days AND single entry).
  • For all other types of visa applications, including a short-term business visa, a short-term relatives/friends visiting visa, a transit visa, a double-entry visa, and a short-term tourism multiple-entry visa, you are required to apply at the Consulate office in person with an appointment in advance or by mail.
  • Even for the online application, you still must submit "all the required documents" listed below that are required for in-person or by mail applications.
eVISA Issuance
  • After you have submitted all the required documents, it takes at least 5 business days to issue the eVISA.
    • If your visa is approved, your will receive an email of "Notice of visa fees".
    • If you are NOT exempted from visa fees, you are required to bring or mail (1) a printed copy of "Registration Informaiton Form", (2) visa fee in CASH without any change, (3) copy of your photo ID, and (4) a self-addressed return envelope with a forever stamp (by mail only) to the Consulate office for your payment. 
    • Appicants who has applied for eVisa (online visa) on or after July 10th are eligible for online payment (Details / Video).
    • Payment is only acceptable during 9:15am-12:30pm and 1:30pm-4:15pm at the Consulate office if in person. Please click here for scheduling an appointment online.
    • The eVISAs will be issued around 4:15pm each business day after your payment.
    • Download eVisa through our account: How to display "Visa issuance notice" at the airport.
  • We do NOT accept any inquires about the status of your visa applications as you can check the status through your visa application account.
  • Even if you apply for a multiple-entry tourism visa through the online application, you only will be issued a single-entry visa.
  • For general rules such as visa validity, application timing, and payment by a proxy, please read General Rules for Visa Application.
  • To apply for an eVISA, please visit "JAPAN eVISA".  (This is the ONLY official website. You will see "Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan" on the top left. Please be careful of other scam sites.)
Related information
Contact: Inquiry about eVISA
  • Email: Japan Visa Information Hotline: (Available language: English)
  • List of Contacts
※Please find the minimum requriement information listed below.
For Indian passport holders who apply for a multiple entry visa, please see Application Procedures for Multiple Visa for Nationals of India.
Foreign nationals of those countries below may be required to submit additional documents. For further information regarding required documents for each nationality, please click the appropriate box below.


China  Russia  CIS Countries, Georgia

Vietnam  Philippines  Other Nationalities


Please Note
  • The Consulate General of Japan in Atlanta reserves the right to request additional documents if deemed necessary.
  • The Consulate General of Japan in Atlanta will not make copies.
Application Form Visa Application Form

Signed by the applicant (Form / Sample)

Passport Valid Passport

with at least 1.5 blank pages left

Photo One 2”x 2” Photo

must be taken in front of a plain background and within the past 6 months and use the photo paper. Also, use GLUE ONLY to attach the photo to the application, please do not staple or tape.

U.S. Visa U.S. Visa or Permanent Resident Card for Non-U.S. Citizen
  • Permanent Resident (Green Card, Advanced Parole, or I-551)
  • H1B or L1 visa with I-797 & I-94
  • F-1 visa with I-20 form (need a valid signature to travel) & I-94
  • J-1 visa with DS-2019 form & I-94
  • Employment Authorization Card (if applicable)

Please note: The Consulate General of Japan in Atlanta does NOT accept any applications from B-1 and B-2 U.S. visa holders.

Original & 1 Copy
Proof of Residency Proof of Residency

e.g., Driver’s license card, State ID card, or Utility Bill

1 Copy
Daily Schedule Travel Itinerary

Detailed schedule of stay describing daily activity plans including accommodation information, phone number and address.
*Avoid just city names and be spcific. (Form)

Flight ltinerary Flight Itinerary
  • Must include the applicant’s name
  • The dates must match your travel itinerary
  • Must include the entire trip (both departing from the U.S. and returning to the U.S or your country)
*The Consulate General of Japan in Atlanta is NOT responsible for tickets which may be unusable due to the delay or denial of a visa.
1 Copy
Hotel Confirmation Hotel Confirmation
  • This must match with your travel itinerary
  • Must include the entire trip
1 Copy
Bank Statement Bank Statement (most recent, one month)

*If your company will cover your business trip expense, you do not need to submit your bank statement.

1 Copy


Invitation Letter Invitation Letter (any format) from the inviting company in Japan with signature.
*If the company will be covering your trip expenses, then your letter must explain it.
Original & 1 Copy
Official Letter Official Letter (any format) from your company in the U.S. with signature.
*If the company will be covering your trip expenses, then your letter must explain it.
Original & 1 Copy


Printed Document Printed Document regarding the conference from the conference’s website or information pamphlet. 1 Copy


Invitation Letter Invitation Letter from a relative/friend (Form) 1 Copy
Inviter's ID Card Inviter's ID Card
e.g., Japanese resident card or U.S. Military ID card
1 Copy
If your family/friends will cover your trip expenses ALL Documents listed below if your family/friends will cover your trip expense:
  • Letter of Guarantee (Form)
  • Guarantor’s Residence card (if the guarantor is a foreign national)
  • Guarantor’s Jumin-hyo
  • Guarantor’s bank statement or tax return document
1 Copy for each


Please see our main Visiting Japan / Visa page.

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