Exhibition and Loan Items


The following exhibitions are available for use by any interested organization within the states of Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. There is no cost for their use; however, the borrowing organization is responsible for all shipping costs incurred. No insurance is required. All of the items, with the exception of the photograph exhibitions, are handmade and therefore irreplaceable, so we ask that they be handled with extreme care.

We encourage you to make a reservation as early as possible by completing the Application for Loan of Exhibition and emailing it as an attachment to our General Information email (info@aa.mofa.go.jp) or faxing your completed application with a cover letter of request to 404-240-4311. Your email or cover letter should include the organization name, the contact person and information, the event or occasion for use of the loan item(s), the desired pick-up/delivery date, and planned return date for the item(s).

For more information, call the Consulate General of Japan in Atlanta at 404-240-4300.

List of Exhibition and Loan Items

  • Japanese Historic Kite Exhibition
    The collection includes 10 small kites (approximately 24"). These are small representations of larger kites. Because the kites are painted in watercolors, they must be hung indoors out of direct sunlight. They may be suspended from the ceiling or hung from the wall. A description of each is included.

  • Japanese Folk Toy Exhibition
    The collection includes 18 items ranging from dolls to mechanical items. The average sizes range from 7" to 18". Ideally, they should be displayed in a glass case.  A description of each is included.

  • Japanese Folk Toy for Playing
    This hands-on set includes Battledore (Hagoita); Daruma-otoshi; Fuku-warai; Hacky sacs (kemari); Hajiki; Karuta set; Kendama; Paper balloons (kami fuusen); Paper gun (Kami teppo); Ring toss (wanage); Take tombo; Tops (koma)

  • Scenes of Japan Photo Exhibition
    There are 35 photos in this collection mounted on framed panels (24" x 36").   All photographs are self-explanatory.

  • Calligraphy Set
    A calligraphy set consists of: Shitajiki (Black, soft mat. It provides a comfortable, soft surface); Bunchin (Metal stick to weight down the paper during writing); Fude (Brush. There is a larger brush for writing the main characters and a smaller one for writing the artist's name. The small brush, however, can be used for the characters, too); Suzuri (Heavy black container for the ink); Sumi (Solid black material that must be rubbed in water in the suzuri to produce the black ink which is then used for writing)

  • Happi Coats
    Happi is a traditional Japanese straight-sleeved coat usually made of cotton and imprinted with a distinctive crest. They are usually worn only to festivals. Please specify small, medium, large or extra large. They must be dry-cleaned before returning.

  • Yukata and Kimono
    A yukata is a casual summer kimono usually made of cotton or synthetic fabric, and unlined. Yukata are worn by both men and women. Please specify men's, women's, boy's, or girl's. Simplified women's kimono are also available. They must be dry-cleaned before returning.

  • Kamishibai
    This form of storytelling consists of 12 or 16 large (15" x 10.5") sturdy, beautifully illustrated cards. On the back is the English translation of the text, with the original Japanese beside it. Because of their generous size, Kamishibai can be used easily with both small and large groups as well as with an individual child. Please specify title. Titles include:
    A Trip Down Memory Lane
    Ama no kawa ni kakaruhashi
    Bunbuku chagama
    Issun boushi
    Japan's Four Seasons and Yearly Events
    Kachikachi yama
    Kasa jizou
    Kobutori jiisan
    Koi nobori san arigatou
    Kutsushita no naka no purezento
    Ohinasama ni natta ningyou
    Omusubi kororin
    Oni to ohyakushou-san
    Saru kani gassen
    Shitakiri suzume
    The Summer Story of Takeshi and Miho
    Toshigamisama to oshougatsu

  • Large picture books
    Large books suitable for reading to a group. Titles include:

    Momotaro-Peach Boy
    Urashima Taro-A Fisherman Called Urashima Taro
    Kaguya Hime-Bamboo Princess
    Hanasaka Jiisan-Flower Blossoming Old Man
    Tsuru no Ongaeshi-The Grateful Crane

  • Folk tale Coloring Books
    Suitable for making copies.

  • Shogi Set
    Chess-type game.

  • Go Game Set
    Board game for two players.